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Bridget - bridget@fancysavingtheworld.com   

Hailing from Aotearoa, currently based in London. Loves music, kids, food and being organised. Tendency to be a nerd: FSTW is her baby.

Proud member of the Green Party and perhaps an aspiring politician. Vegan. Part-time musician, teacher and mentor. Inspired by her friends, family (& cat) and the man she loves. Loves to read about, research and discuss world-saving issues. Yoga Teacher-in-training.

Constantly striving to learn, do, teach and share as much as possible with whoever will listen. Big foodie, always exploring nutrition and cuisine conducive to conscious-living. Determined to save the world.

Ana - ana@fancysavingtheworld.com   

Long-time vegan, activist and world-saving champion. Ana is a law and arts student specialising in psychology and geography and hoping to become an academic human geographer in future years. Ana has been a contributor and taste-tester for The Vegan Society in New Zealand, and written for the SAFE blog: A cruelty free life.

"I love being vegan because I feel like I'm making a constructive difference for so many world problems: animal exploitation, environmental degradation, the chronic-disease epidemic and human starvation. Nothing in the world makes me feel better than knowing that I am not hurting animals with the way that I live - as an animal lover, I could not possibly eat animal products with a clear conscience. How does it happen that 96% of Americans claim they are against animal cruelty, yet 96% eat meat? This is one of the greatest paradoxes of our time, I encourage you to get out there and educate yourself."

Andrew - andrew@fancysavingtheworld.com   

Poet, musician, academic and vegan. Andrew is passionate about saving the planet and it’s occupants, and is constantly researching, siphoning and hunting out information, and actively sharing his knowledge and experience with anyone who is willing to care. Andrew is a great advocate and source of encouragement for ANYONE interested in going vegan, and has been a wealth of resources and advice from day one. Although he’s busy with studies and world-saving ventures, when he finds the time to flick us a blog, you can be sure it’s a good one!

Sarah - sarah@fancysavingtheworld.com

Coffee-nerd, chef, barista and natural remedy expert. Full of advice on maximising your diet, and utilising herbs, plants, essential oils and kitchen ingredients to optimise your health. Sarah is from Wellington, but now based in London and is always finding a way to incorporate world-saving into each of her other passions.

Jenni - jenni@fancysavingtheworld.com   

With an amazing heart and an open mind (both VERY important, world-saving components), Jenni is a PR manager who specialises in health and medicine, so she has access to lots of great research and study results with facts we should all know. She spends a lot of her time ‘media-monitoring’ and is always sure to send any world-saving-related news our way. Jenni also does a lot of work with the Make-a-Wish foundation, helping sick kids achieve their dreams. She’s really quite a legend.

Olivia - olivia@fancysavingtheworld.com   

Enviro-conscious style guru and specialist hairdresser. Expert on cosmetic products, particularly hair-care and all the nasty toxins the big companies like to sell us. Fashion extraordinaire with an flair for pre-loved clothes (www.faggedandfrowzy.com). Highly-selective vegetarian, with well-rounded knowledge of the London conscious food scene, and always a source of intelligent, world-saving conversation.

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So, just in case anyone wanted to complain, or sue us, or something... we thought we'd make it nice and clear that we are just 'ordinary', 'every-day' people who are trying to make the world a better place. We’re doing research and instigating conversation at every opportunity, and this website is just one way we can share what we know and what we’re learning with anyone who would like to know...

Of course, we’re also sharing experiences, thoughts and opinions, because otherwise we’d just be like some automated robots, spouting information at people without any actual heart and soul behind us. Which we’re not.

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